DEEP-C recrute un.e Postdoc "Modelling carbon exports from watersheds"

PostDoc position: “Modelling carbon exports from watersheds at local to global spatial scales and at decennial to millennial temporal scales”

Dates démarrage : Avril-Mai 2024
Lieu : INRAe/UMR ECOSYS, Plateau de Saclay

The tasks of the PostDoc will include:
- Providing simulated time-series of water, sediment, carbon and nutrient inflows for up to 40 lake observation sites (likely applying the model SWAT)
- Recalibration and use of the land surface model ORCHIDEE-Clateral to simulate terrestrial C cycling and fluvial exports of water, sediments, and C at regional scales in response to changes in climate and land cover
- Emulation of the land surface model ORCHIDEE-Clateral for application at global scale and to perform historical simulations over 100s and 1000s of years

The PostDoc will have the opportunity to write high-impact publications, for instance on how anthropogenic perturbations have modified the terrestrial C budget since the Bronze Age. This modeling study will fill a major knowledge gap, considering that land surface model simulations of anthropogenic perturbations of the global C cycle usually start with the Industrial revolution, thus ignoring historical perturbations through land use change and land use induced soil erosion that go back much further.

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