CANETE recrute un.e Postdoc "C and N cycles functioning"

C and N cycles functioning in soils from experimental sites submitted to contrasting N management regimes

In view of improving our understanding the link between management practices and element cycling, the recruited candidate will (i) coordinate the collection of data from all the nine experimental sites of the CANETE project (about soil properties, the history of management practices with C, N, and P elements inputs and outputs, plant biomass and composition, plant production, plant N use-efficiency). ii) He/she will identify broad patterns in the quantitative differences in N availability (‘N surplus’) and statistically investigate the determinism of plant N use-efficiency and soil C stocks across the nine experimental sites of the CANETE project. (iii) In addition, he/she will investigate the non-efficient environmental losses of nutrients, in the contrasted N management part of the Ca-Sys site (SCINEC project). (iv) He/she will publish obtained results from both projects.

The postdoc position will be located in Dijon where the recruited candidate will be supervised by Dr C. Hénault (UMR AgroEcologie). For activities involved in the CANETE project, the hired person will collaborate with Dr L. Augusto (UMR ISPA) and will be available for visiting all the nine sites included in this project.

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